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MyBrute Find XP needed to level Let's you know how many experience points you need to level up
  Bonus Guide A guide for all the Weapons, Supers, Specialities, and Pets in the game
  My Brute Manager Play with multiple brutes? Now you can easily navigate between them.
  Pupil Exchange Give a pupil, get a pupil.
Urban Rivals Card Database A complete list of all the Characters with all the card's details.
  Ability finder Find characters with certain in-game abilities, or a combination of abilities and bonuses.
  Battle Calculator A tool for helping with common in-game battle calculations
  Deck Builder The deck builder can help you start the build for a deck to fit your style.

Many more tools for more games are already in development! When new tools are completed, they'll be posted in the blog. You can also use the blog to request new tools or updates to existing tools!

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